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Gerald Hodges: I took my Jeep here religiously for years. However, after a nasty sound started a day ago, two different mechanics have diagnosed the problem as being a damaged lifter. This is caused by (again, from two different mechanics) inadequate oil levels. Note, that I had no leaks at all. One mechanic had another Jeep in the garage with the same problem. That owner also had taken his Jeep to a quickie lube place. The other reviews were also right about the upsell aspect. I can live with that but honestly the damage done to my engine by low oil levels is inexcusable.

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Walmart WY Auto Paint & Accessories Reviews

Ronald Turner: Please definitely do not contact them! My car’s window was broken and I found their contact on Yelp. They actually didn’t not have the stock and/or cannot provide the service but pretended they can. They let me wait and then went away for a long time. After taking me totally 30 mins in more than 5 phone calls with them, they ends up with telling me they cannot do the job. If you want to have same experience when you are finding a window shop with urgency, please go ahead contact them.

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Warren Newton: I come here when I need tire services and even though the wait seems long, its worth it. This is the only place I go. The staff is hard working and sometimes takes a beating from its patrons. (People don’t act right). The only girl, that works in the tire shop is very honest/helpful about what I need and do not. She seems great at multi-tasking because there are a million things going on in that shop. My tires get done correctly and quickly. I wish I could request her every time.

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