Walmart Wisconsin Reviews

Walmart Wisconsin Tires Reviews

Henry Flint: Avoid at all costs!!! This garage was referred to me by Geico, and of course by having nothing better in mind (and by looking at good reviews on this site) I decided to bring my business to them (big mistake). First of all, originally I was promised that I can get my car back in a week – they couldn’t keep it, I’ve got my car back in two weeks and three days. Second, even after I’ve got it back (dirty as a pig) I discovered that the back bumper was poorly attached and got loose in a day, my stereo was replaced for a salvaged unit (although, they claimed it was a brand new one, priced at $600) which wasn’t compatible with my car model. Anyway, to make long story short, about three trips back to them later I am still finding scratches (they even managed to scratch a glass on the back passenger door while polishing it) and blemishes on the parts they repaired.

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Walmart Wisconsin Oils & Fluids Reviews

Anthony Webb: This is an oil change specialist that never, ever has Honda oil filters. The reason I started going here was the convenience. The last 5 times I stopped by this location they could not change my oil. Walmart can suck my inconvenienced dick. NO STARS!

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Walmart WI Car Speaker & Subwoofers Reviews

Patrick Slade: I went to the Toyota dealer to order a wing window because someone try breaking into my car, they gave me a quote and I had to wait a few days because I had to go out of town. My friend told me about Walmart and I called them and found out the price was a lot cheaper so I went to them and they replace the window and save me a lot of money . So the money I save I took my friend out.

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