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Walmart WA Diagnostic Tools Reviews

Nicholas Skinner: From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for the excellent service I received on September 16, 2011. I went in there with a hernia. I don’t have any names to share, but it wouldn’t make a difference. Everyone was good. The ward was packed, yet I was still treated as if I was the only one that mattered. I read some of the other reviews and I’m wondering if I just had good Karma that day. It was as good as it gets.

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Walmart Washington Automotive Reviews

Walter Roosevelt: Beware! Last year I took my SUV to Walmart. They tracked grease in my car and when I confronted the employee, we got into an argument. The owner called me and apologized profusely. I thanked him and told him if I should need his services again I would give them a try. Meanwhile my rear number was installed incorrectly. I was in a small fender bender involving my front bumper and figured surely Walmart will do right by me. My new front number cover started to pop off on the passenger side after getting it home. To top it off, they forgot to put my license plate back on. I of course don’t notice and get a ticket! They did apologize again and are paying the administrative fees for the fix it ticket.

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Walmart WA Motor Oil Reviews

Brian Morison: These guys are just plain out horrible! I took my car there because, my windshield was broken and I was in a rush. The price is outrageous!! Then they called me two hours later and told me to come in to pick up my car. It turns out they called the wrong person, and my car wouldn’t be ready for another hour and a half. Talk about some excellent service. Other reviewers?- I guess I just went on their off day?

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