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Howard Brighton: Phil who prepares the estimate was very friendly but basically useless. He told me the repair would be done by Friday on the Monday I dropped off my car and it wasn’t ready until the next Monday and I had requested that they replace my front bumper while they were repairing my car which had been sideswiped while parked. It was much cheaper to do it then since it had to be removed for the other repairs. We agreed on a 600$ price for the Bumper (on top of my insurance claim) and he completely forgot to repair it. So after paying for three extra days of a rental car I still have a fucked up bumper when I go to pick up the car. Now he says he sort of remembers us talking about the bumper but it was never ordered ?!?

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Walmart VT Auto Body Repair Reviews

Arthur Webb: I have not seen service this great. The minute I pull up and honk my horn, they give me full service for free. They pump my gas, check my fluids, and end it with a great smile. If I can give this station 6 stars, I would. I recommend this station to anybody. They have a great cigarette selection and a beautiful mini mart. They earned my business!

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Walmart Vermont Windshield Wipers Reviews

Bon McDougal: My windshield got broken some how, and I call Glass Plus and gave them my information on my car, they gave me an estimate over the phone and I told him I well get back with him. So I call some other company and I call Walmart back an set an appointment with them. We set a time and they put the new windshield in an it look great I was very happy that I took my car here what a great job.

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