Walmart tire installation reviews


How much is Walmart tire installation reviews

Brian Newman: I was very satisfied with their work and I would recommend them to a friend.

Shawn Bailey: The best thing that I can say about this place is that it helped me discover oil can henry’s (which is awesome). My wife made an appointment for me here to take the care in on Thursday early afternoon. she confirmed the price, confirmed the wait time, confirmed everything.

I took a long lunch break to get the oil changed and when the attendant came to the car, the first thing i asked was if we had a reservation, because i could not stay for very long. rather than check first, he registered the car, gave me a slip, and THEN checked the computer only to discover that my reservation was not in the system. damn!

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Walmart tire installation operating hours reviews

Alice Atkinson: The only place I could think to call was Walmart. Turned out my issue was mechanically related but the staff answered my questions and put me at ease.

Marylou Cameron: The amazing service doesn’t let up at Walmart. While out of town I had a minor automotive issue Thank you so much!

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Walmart tire installation hours of operation reviews

Grace Lamb: Love the place. Good waiting and cordial reception. Could be a great place as they are so fast with the job. Overall a great place. Must come back at the place.

Noah Harrington: Professionalism at a high level. Definitely recommended shop. They recently hired another supervisor to maintain high standards of quality control. Size always matters, but it’s not necessarily true. A facility of this size the quality of body work can diminish hence the additional supervisor hire.

This was my initial reluctance to choose this shop. DO NOT WORRY. USE THIS SHOP. OH BY THE WAY THIS SHOP IS AN “I-CAR GOLD CLASS” SHOP.

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