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Walmart Texas Spark Plugs Reviews

David Aldridge: Called Walmart to cancel my appointment due to a family emergency and the service department gentlemen aggressively told me to call back to reschedule and then HUNG UP ON ME before I could respond. I’m currently working in a guest service job and even I’m blown away. Occurred 4/24/17 8:45AM. Maybe they’re too busy to care about their customers? Take your business out of the city.

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Walmart TX Brake Parts Reviews

Brian Wilkins: I bought a smart fortwo passion from Walmart in February or March (can’t remember). The buying experience was rather horrific. First of all, the didn’t return calls or emails. They had to schedule you in even if your car is sitting on the lot. I had to wait 2 weeks. They go through the pitch that it will take 2-3 hours. They want to do a credit check even if you have your own source of funding. I got the impression they wanted to discourage reservation holders from buying so they can unload the cars as “orphans.” Orphan cars can fetch more money to people who can’t wait on the waiting list. These orphan cars usually have added “dealer add-ons” like the $900 xenon lights. I quickly sold the car a short time later. I go through cars fast. The car was fun but drew too much attention.

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Reviews of Walmart Texas Auto Detailing & Car Care

Bartholomew Wander: Our office used Walmart and their personnel were sincere, honest and caring. The car arrived on-time and in excellent condition. It was genuinely a hassle free process. We will use again.

Jack Philips: Everyone at service plus is super nice! They have replaced several pcs. Of glass on my vehicles, and have done a great job. I highly recommend them!!!

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