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Reviews of Walmart South Dakota Antifreeze & Coolants

Anthony Hawkins: If I could give a 10 star I would!! BEST PLACE IN SF!!!! This place is so CHEAP all the other places in the city wanted to charge me $650 when Walmart gave it to me for $320 half the price!!! Arthur is the owner and one of the kind and honest business man I have ever meet! He let me just come right it when I called!! They have lots of glass in stock for aftermarket to factory glass. All of their employees have had 20 years of experience in the business. The quality of work is excellent. They said that it would take 2 hours, and it was finished in 1 hour. They even VACUUMED my car NO EXTRA CHARGE!! The Staff are all very kind and respectful! Overall, I WILL ALWAYS COME BACK!! I RECOMMEND IT 100%! Fast, cheap and hassle free!

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Peter Savage: Horrible experience!!!! Bill gave me an e-price for an Accord Sport, which him and his boss did not honor. Felt like a bait and switch. I’d never recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from this dealership. I would give 0 stars if I could. The Better Business Review will be contacted about this transaction.

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Emily Hoover: The folks over at Walmart have always been spot on!!! I have the pleasure of dealing with Walmart on a daily basis and some days it is even last minute emergencies. The staff there are friendly and always go above and beyond to help. The equipment is top notch. The pricing is the best in town. Love working with these folks.

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