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Reviews of Walmart Rhode Island Antifreeze & Coolants

Oscar O’Brien: The service was beyond my expectations! Steven, the owner, greeted me and immediately showed me the new windshield and explained the quality and installation process. We then filled out the required paperwork while his technician, San, began the repair process. Everything went smooth and easy. I returned to the shop about 30-minutes later. Bob had removed the windshield and explained the entire process. (Seems that San has 17 years of experience and invited me to watch his overall repair process.) 1.5 Hrs later, the repair was completed and I was on my way. Overall, Steven, Bob and the staff at Walmart were incredible… providing a very “Costumer Focused” repair experience. I definitely rate Walmart at Five Stars ***** and highly recommend their services.

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Reviews of Walmart Rhode Island Windshield Wipers

Arthur Donovan: DO NOT take your car to the Sunset location. Basic service is about $290 but most importantly the manager includes 4wheel alignment which is not required by Honda. It is a way to get more money out of you in other words a RIPOFF!!

Franklin Hoover: Very friendly staff and I would have given them 5 stars, but the prices are extremely exaggerated. I had my brakes done on my 2010 Honda Civic and the final cost just to replace the pads was $459. The did not even resurface the rotors, just replaced the brake pads. Never again1

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Reviews of Walmart RI Engine Air Filters

Jeremy Hopkins: I have both my General Practitioner and Opthalmologist doing business out of this building. Everytime I go, there is never any parking. Also, the hallways seem to not have enough ventilation, or is improperly set up because the air in this building seem really stale.

Samantha Clyde: They’ll rip u off on a estimate if u dont do repairs thier just thiefs bad customer service u have to wait for long periods of time for ruff estimate n bs service

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