Walmart Power & Performance oil change reviews


Walmart Power & Performance oil change local reviews

Marjory Stephens: WOW!!! Audio Symphony is THE BEST!!! Well, I’ve had these guys work on 3 different jobs on Mercedes I’ve had and every time, this stuff worked out ideally. They’re smart people, they have the best brands and they’re honest. I had a potential problem with a trunk CD changer and Hatch handled it perfectly. Problem resolved … easily, quickly and I’m a happy, happy customer.

Patrick Mulder: Talk about excellent customer service, David was up front and honest. When it comes to having your car fixed by someone else, you need to trust them. After all the body shops I have ever been too, this is the best experience I ever had. No short cuts are taken and my car looks like a brand new car. They even cleaned the inside and outside of my car and touched up all the bumper scratches for free. I highly recommend this place!!!

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Cheap Walmart Power & Performance oil change reviews

Anthony Roberts: I took my truck in to Walmart a month ago. Christopher was super friendly and he will talk your ear off. They did a great job in fixing a major oil leak, replacing my suspension, and brakes. It is so nice to have found a good trustworthy mechanic that accurately estimates work and delivers fast service.

Harry Smith: You should stick to them. They’re really worthy!

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Affordable Walmart Power & Performance oil change reviews

Betty Harrell: I have a 04 Audi allroad which they stop making anymore. The front air springs went bad. Found them on yelp. Harry was very helpful and trustworthy. He even showed me the car, the parts to help me understand the problem.

Kenneth Bridge: They are extremely busy; I think for the same reason people are going to their shop. Will definitely go back and recommend to my friends!

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