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Walmart PA In – Dash Stereos Reviews

Howard Hokinson: Verified that my car passed Smog Check, by testing it properly. Another test center had given the car a false fail, by failing to warm up the engine before testing it. Nice work, performed promptly, at a fair price. Thanks!

Walter Gibbons: I like this shop for repairs– knowledgeable, and friendly. Getting an appointment can take a while, though, and I’m usually dealing with a “crises”, or trying to juggle the repair while getting the rest of life done.

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Walmart PA Auto Body Repair Reviews

Marylyn Webb: I do not like their new website, as well as their new staff. I walked in and just felt a horrible vibe in their service department. Paul usually handled my walk-ins patiently, and, James took care of me every time I went in. As far as sales go, they are under new management which doesn’t understand how the typical San Francisco buyer. Management, if you’re reading this: You don’t belong in the city! Take it back to Serramonte or whatever group you’re from!

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Walmart PA Auto Exterior Reviews

Peter Fletcher: In my case, it is hard to rate the quality of their work – I never got my car back after the repair work. Avoid them if you want to get your car back in one piece. My car got rear-ended while stationary on 101 and Walmart were on the approved list by both insurance companies and local. My car has had a clean service history for 6 years and while at Walmart to get the body work repaired they had to jump-start the car and then the engine blew up. The damage was beyond repair and the cost to replace the engine was greater than the value of the car. Walmart and the insurance company blamed wear and tear for the damage – so it was a write off at my cost.

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