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Walmart ND In – Dash Stereos Reviews

Parker Hilton: T performed a series of safety inspections on my cherished Volvo station wagon that was running very well. They claimed that it couldn’t pass without replacing a worn right tie rod (front). We paid for the repair and 3 days later the front suspension was suddenly rattling and shaking severely. Taking it back to Billy he claimed it was a new problem and wants us to pay again – this time its clear that there is a huge problem but when we took it to him originally the car was driving beautifully -until he made the repair. Before we even told him that there was a problem today he seemed to be expecting one and had an excuse ready. Then wanted to charge 3x the original repair for this new one. Cheating? It sure feels like it! Too bad, I thought we’d found a reliable neighborhood mechanic.

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Walmart ND Car Speaker & Subwoofers Reviews

Judith Edison: Talk about professionalism! The Walmart crew is dedicated to every last detail in the purchasing process. I was informed within weeks of my car’s arrival, made an appointment to pickup and pay for my car within a day of the car being shipped here and it only took about 2 hours between my test drive, paperwork and signing the sales contracts. Other people’s assessments of this dealership look WAY exaggerated. YOU’RE BUYING A CAR HERE PEOPLE, NOT A PAIR OF SHOES! This was a very pleasant car buying experience and I plan to do it again when my wife’s ordered car finally arrives.

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Walmart North Dakota Auto Body Repair Reviews

Marylyn Simmons: Don’t buy from this place… bad service, bad attitute and no knowledge staff….specially the manager “sammy”.. and its a piece of s#@t car… it always break on you and it takes weeks for service… once they get your money they dont care anymore, my mistake.never again.. buyers..

Edward Webb: Shame on them!

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