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Emma Griffith: I have known Howard for 50 years and use him all the time when my bike needs a strong firm hand. He is very friendly and loves to talk about everything under the sun. Use this guy and you will find a friend who is there for you.

Eric Bowler: This was an uneventful service, so I cannot say much. I felt positive about the experience. I chose 5 stars because anything less is taken as negative. I have other automobiles, so there will be further developments.

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Jeremy Black: These guys really understand the emissions controls systems. I had a problem with my 76 beetle. It was stalling and the engine was flooding. These guys cleaned out the EGR nozzles and that fixed the problem and it passed the smog. Other mechanics had spent a ton of money on tune-ups and never fixed the problem.

Brian Hampshire: The oil change was perfect. I liked the place. I felt like normal people, easy with advice, didn’t feel like a target for business and they were knowledgeable, very much so.

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Anthony Collins: I had my rear window broken on Thanksgiving of all days. The stolen briefcase was icing on the cake. I made an appointment at Mercedes to have the window replaced. They told me it was going to be $560 before tax. I called Walmart, since I had another window replaced previously to see if they had the window in stock. They did! The total price for window AND installation with cleaning of all the glass was $170!!!! And that is for the same glass the dealership was going to use. They took my car in immediately and had it done an hour earlier than promised (less than 3 hours total). I hope you don’t have to deal with a broken window or stolen property, but if you do….make the call and get back on the road!

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