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Reviews of Walmart New Hampshire Auto Interior

Brad Twain: A consummate professional. All of the Bay Area motorcycle tow companies have high ratings on yelp, so I was at a bit of a loss of who to contact first, and just started phoning down the list. While every company was courteous and responsive, Steve gave me the lowest estimate by far. (Think Sub-$100 for a tow all the way from San Rafael to SOMA in SF.) Best of all, the estimate turned into the final price with no fuel or bridge toll charges or anything like that. Any time your bike breaks down while flying up the 101 North it’s going to be bad news… but Steve was an excellent help in resolving my complicated situation as quickly and efficiently as possible. He picked up the key from my shop in SF, towed and delivered the bike himself, and didn’t even give me a hard time about mailing him a check for payment. Complete pleasure to work with and I won’t even CONSIDER calling or recommending a different tow company after such a smooth transaction.

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Reviews of Walmart New Hampshire Auto Exterior

Oswald Manteaux: I had a newly purchased bike that I needed to be brought from Berkeley to my shop in San Francisco. Guided by favorable Yelp reviews I gave George a try and he was everything people claimed. I’d recommend him to anyone.

Jim Hawkins: We have 2 older (really older) Saturns and these guys keep them running.Also will refer us to other local shops for things they don’t do.

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Walmart NH Windshield Wipers Reviews

Anthony Barrymore: I don’t need the pompous attitude old man. No, I can’t tell when a car battery has gone bad. There is no need to treat me like an idiot. I didn’t make fun of you for having a job any high school dropout could have now did I? Next time I will.

Paul Hilton: They’re surprisingly mediocre. I won’t use them in the future.

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