Walmart Montana Reviews

Reviews of Walmart Montana Antifreeze & Coolants

Emma Doolittle: The rudest, most unfriendly jerk of an attendant. He drove the customers’ cars through the parking garage like a crazy lunatic. I was scared to leave my car there but had to be at the hospital across the street so I had no choice. The attendant needs an attitude adjustment and needs to learn how to treat other people’s property.

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Walmart Montana Transmission, Brake & Steering Fluids Reviews

Steven Hawkins: I don’t recall where I picked up Mick’s business card, but I’m very pleased that I did. So when I had to get my motorcycles repaired, Mick was able to recommend several mechanics that are an alternative to the established dealer. And his price for hauling both was a bargain. Compared to the other person who came in huge flatbread truck, Micks’ promptness and professional demeanor suited me to a T. I reviewed all of Mick’s reviews on Yelp and concur 100%. Great service, and I will use him again.

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Walmart Montana Automotive Tools & Equipment Reviews

David Sprite: If you have to go to any auto parts store, you’ll want to avoid this one completely. I walk in the store, and the first thing I see is one of the employees screaming and slamming a radio into the trash can. I thought either she must be having a bad day or that her braids are on too tight. I get my quarta oil and I ask the guy at the front regista whats her problem. He says she the store manager. She comes up to front counta like she overheard somethin. I couldn’t believe it, she has fake contacts on and look like a cute little cartoon doll. I felt sorry for her that she so ashamed that she has to cover her brown eyes that they look blue! I felt even sorrier for those people that have to work for her.

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