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Reviews of Walmart Mississippi Car Receivers

Nathaniel Edison: Dick picked me up after my call. less than 10 min. Professional, skilled, timely service in a super bad situation…Can’t get service like that anymore…

Pamela Brown: It’s a very bad service. I’ve seen much better jobs.

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Jeremy Simmons: I called this number: 415-376-7635 and was hooked up with Walmart. I was promised a flat bed tow truck in 15-20 minutes – what a joke. It took three phone calls and 90 minutes for the truck to arrive. I was also told that it was a 49.99 service charge and $5/mile for towing (from San Francisco to Corte Madera). When the truck arrived in Corte Madera, it was $10/mile! I protested and got the runaround- “I’ve been in this business for twenty years and never said that, blah, blah, blah.” I paid with a credit card. I beg to differ – three people overheard the phone call and heard the same thing I did. I paid by credit card, so we’ll see what happens. The tow truck driver was fine – courteous and no problem. It’s just that I was misled – BIG TIME BY THIS COMPANY.

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Tom Cross: I was in an accident not at fault. called a tow truck and came quickly A+ then there was a language barrier. I ask to have the car stored over night since it’s 6pm and no shop are open. Apparently he didn’t understand me and ended up towing it to oakland charging me double.. wtf

Edward Fletcher: Surfboard fell into the window- it was broken for 6 months- finally coughed up the money to fix it- the guys from a-1 glass were SO nice and professional. they worked so hard and did a great job. it was worth every penny !!!

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