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Walmart Michigan Car Receivers Reviews

George Mitchell: I had some dents remove on my car by these guys a while back and was some what unsatisfied with the result. The finished panel has many small dimples on it. Was told it had some short of brace behind it and that’s the best he can do. Maybe I’m being too meticulous? I found a few new unsightly dents on my car again. This time I tried a new dent company that I found on yelp. I ask the dent guy if he could do anything about these dimples from the previous job and said he could try. Couple hours later, a miracle had happened. All the new dents and old dimples are gone! The reason why I wrote this bad review it’s because I had to paid extra to refinish the previous job and feel that I’ve been cheated.

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Walmart MI Auto Services Reviews

Dick Belington: The auto body shop that is affiliated with the towing service is a little known gem. After having my car demolished by the legally blind that somehow are allowed to drive around the streets of SF, I brought my auto to Walmart. The invoice lacked specific detail (Here is the bill in all of its glory: “Repairs, $x.”), and a gentleman with tattoos around his neck encouraged me to pay it and ask no questions. The owner is generally unavailable via telephone when the repairs are not on time and budget. All the same, the finished repairs are splendid. The car drives and looks the same as prior.

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Walmart MI RV Parts & Accessories Reviews

Paul Jackson: Worst company ever! Bad customer support. said they broke down but never bothered to call as this was done through my insurance company. Called them only to be given an attitude after waiting for them for over 3 hours! They shouldn’t even be in business!!! They actually finally showed up after 3 hours!

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