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Walmart MA Spark Plugs Reviews

Jack Bride: They may do good work, but their customer service is TERRIBLE!! I was referred by my insurance company. They were supposed to come work on my car through their mobile service. I called because they didn’t call to tell me they were on their way and/or they were running late. I was anxious to have the glass repaired, because I know it is supposed to rain in the next couple of days. I asked who the check should be made out to to cover my deductible and was told they didn’t take checks. I was unaware that they didn’t accept checks when I made the appointment and unfortunately for my bank card needed to be cancelled that same morning due to unauthorized charges. When I explained that I didn’t know but I would make arrangements, we ended the call with an understanding the appointment would proceed. A few minutes later they called back to cancel my appointment, stating they wouldn’t be coming to do the service. What service?!?! The only service I received was them being late and not calling. They probably thought I wouldn’t pay. I contacted my insurance company to explain what happened and to request that they remove In&Out from the referral list

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Walmart MA Brake Parts Reviews

Sam Stapleton: Great! Daniel came to my house and fixed my dented car door to the point where I can’t even see where the damage was. A fair price and great service, too. Highly recommended.

Gloria Lord: Their professionalism shocked me.

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Reviews of Walmart Massachusetts Motorcycles & ATVs

Tom Briggs: I had a great experience with Nelson’s after my car hit a log that fell of a logging truck. Thank goodness I had access to Yelp and was able to read these reviews; that’s how I found him. I can’t say that he found me a Russian bride, but he did take good care of my vehicle while I was in CA!

Andy McDowell: I’m pretty satisfied with their job.

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