Walmart Lug nut replacement reviews


Walmart Lug nut replacement cost reviews

Lee Rose: I was been at this Walmart location a month ago for my Oil change and Transmission service for my 2007 Honda. The cruise member are very enthusim, espectially I saw the store Manager who was personally worked on my vehicle is very polite and professional, included all other employees who check my tires, vaccum interior and clean my windows are very good job.

When I was been cashing out after finish, I meet the young lady cashier at the time is very polite, friendly and respectfully to us.So far,this is the first time I came to this location since I just move in from Los Angeles.

I can tell they are provide mean excellent servive without pressure me to buy anything which I do not need during the screen review at the spot. The Manager only told me to keep in mind what has been recommended for my vehicle according to the Honda manufacture manual book to come back in the future services.

I am highly recommended to my neighbor to go there for their vehicle! Especially to see the good store for the service that you can trust! Thank you all of the Walmart team at Geary location!

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Walmart Lug nut replacement price reviews

Anthony Jones: Great service ! definitely will come here again !

Arthur Hammer: I’d like to stay with this service as long as possible.

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Walmart Lug nut replacement pricing reviews

Helen Dark: They’re awesome in nearly all regards. I’ll come back!

Bruce Harvey: Don’t overlook these bright folks. They do miracles with cars.

Matthew Brown: The guys did a fantastic job on my JEEP and on my way back home I thought i driving a new car….

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