Walmart Lube services reviews


Walmart Lube services coupon reviews

William Bride: They also have home audio too; so I’m going to trust them for that, next.

Diana Powell: In one quick morning visit, Audio Symphony replaced my old AV Receiver, and CD Player. A new Video Disc (including Internet Connected Player) was introduced, and the errors of the inexperienced cable and telephone providers and installers corrected. Component connection is vastly simplified.

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Walmart Lube services coupons reviews

Domestic Philips: One of the best place in my neighborhood to get your tires and oil changed. Dick is the man went to san Francisco and tire got flat in Van Ness . Luckily big tire was close by the owner. Dick help me gave good tires and good suspension work along with the alignment . Happy to get good deal .

Brian Burke: And they stand behind their work. I took the car in once and they said the cause of the problem was something they should have caught in a previous visit. It wasn’t related to the previous visit, but they didn’t charge me for the repair.

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Walmart Lube services online coupons reviews

Bruno Barber: And the only time there was ever any miscommunication was my fault. I took the car in for a “check engine” light. Their initial call to relay the diagnosis said 2 sensors were failing and would need to be replaced. When I picked up the car, they said only one was replaced.

I started to complain that all the necessary work wasn’t done, but it turns out the bad sensor caused the fuel mixture to change which caused the second sensor to correctly identify an issue. Once the first sensor was changed, the fuel mixture returned to normal and the second showed it was functioning normally. They could have replaced and charged me for both sensors but they didn’t. Honesty and integrity.

John Booker: I’ll reach them if I stumble on another issue.

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