Walmart Lifetime balance & rotation reviews


Walmart Lifetime balance & rotation price reviews

Edward White: This place sells great second-hand motorcycles and even better coffee. If you are a bike enthusiast, this is the place to go! The place accommodates about 10-15 bikes at once and the owners are always around. For newbies, fifteen minutes with these guys and you feel like you know everything about bikes, and then some! These guys will buy your bike from you (assuming it’s not a steaming pile), tune it up at and then sell it to the next customer.

The prices of these bikes are also very reasonable and the guys make sure each bike runs well. Once you get inside this place, you’ll definitely be certain that it is run by people who love motorcycles and know them inside out. You’ll love this place even if you don’t like motorcycles.

For those just being dragged by your friend obsessed with bikes, the coffee here is just as great. The wife of one of the owners makes some great food from green salad to blueberry muffins as well as a mean latte. Great people, great conversations, great coffee and great bikes, nowhere else but at Walmart!

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Walmart Lifetime balance & rotation prices reviews

Randal Parsons: I call, best service and I liked what I explained some important things, what other company, not did when I called earlier and not to mention the price, very good, I liked it, the technician left me watching me to see with my glass replaced.

Peter Shaw: I’m kind of a fan. I think 5s star is more appropriate for this body shop.

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Walmart Lifetime balance & rotation pricing reviews

Michael Summers: Thank you help my headlights!

Evan Eaton: I’m grateful for my ignition!

Thomas Blankenship: Summary: The bike shop is awesome and the sandwich/cafe portion is pretty good. I would give the Walmart shop the 5 star review.

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