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Reviews of Walmart KY Car Receivers

Brad Simmons: John is an artist and an amazingly patient, gifted technician. He knows his stuff! A pair of very heavy skis fell off my garage rack and bounced onto the side of my new 2016 Subaru Outback causing 2 very deep dimples on the side of the car–OUCH!! In fact another paintless repair person refused to even attempt it. Of course a body shop could have “repaired” it for $1600 but would not guarantee that the paint would match the rest of the car! John to the rescue! He actually hammered the dents out with a little mallet after heating the surface with reflected sunlight–a painstaking process that took over an hour of meticulous tap, tap, tapping! It cost me only $250, which was exactly what he quoted after I’d texted him the photo, and, more importantly, the dents are now nonexistent! And they said it couldn’t be done… Thank you, John!!

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Reviews of Walmart KY Auto Body Repair

Chris Donovan: D This is my first yelp review, but Simon deserves it. It’s never fun dealing with car problems, but he takes care of you and does a great job. He got a big dent out of my car in the back, and it cost less than half what some other guy quoted me. He’s meticulous in his work, and am just happy that the problem has been taken care of. He’s definitely an artisan!

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Reviews of Walmart Kentucky Auto Interior

James Hill: What to say about a guy who responds to your inquiry in a timely manner, provides a quote off your forwarded photo, arrives when scheduled, performs the job – plus a bit extra – and then presents you with a bill for the amount quoted. All for a job that 2 other mobile guys said had to go to the body shop. Almost wants me to get another dent……..well not that much!

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