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Walmart KS Auto Replacement Parts Reviews

Patrick Groove: If I could give no stars I would, sorry. Their tint job on my Honda was horrible. After the long process, the job looked tacky and there were visible bubbles. He said that was normal and they would go away within a couple days. And if they didn’t he would fix them. So I gave the bubbles a couple days, and when they were still visible I had to call him and drive to where he was to fix it. The job was horrible and the trimmings of my window were messed up from his job.

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Walmart Kansas Engine Air Filters Reviews

Sam Finn: I never like to leave a 1 star review, but this dealership just did everything they can to earn it from me. I tried to work out a better result with them, but they are from the top down very unprofessional, and hard to work with. Some of their staff can be nice and helpful, but they can be pretty shady, and get you to sign papers without filling them, and then surprise you with a big bill. They refused to give me a replacement for my Airbag recall, which killed 10 people already. Their manager, but he could care less about the customers. I would say go to another dealership, it’s cheaper. Best of luck to you.

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Walmart Kansas Brake Parts Reviews

Tom Bridge: I had great results with Ronald. I had a few relatively minor dents in my Acura MDX. He came to the outdoor parking lot where I work and got all the dents out in about 25 minutes. It was so convenient that he came to me during my work hours instead of me having to bring my car in to a shop. I watched him do the whole thing and he didn’t stop working on it until I was satisfied that the dent was completely removed. He was very nice.

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