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Henry Simmons: After trying to get these people to fix my car, my insurance company put a stop payment on their check today. My car was damaged in January 2015 and as of mid-April 2015, I have called these people dozens of times. They do not answer the phone and their voicemail box is full. The estimator has also tried to call them multiple times. When I have reached them, they are always very apologetic. They say they cannot figure out their voicemail system and will get more information and call me back or the estimator or the insurance company. But ultimately, these people cannot get anything together to do any work at all. I am surprised that they are not out of business.

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Walmart Iowa In – Dash Stereos Reviews

Jim Hawkins: Horrible experience. Very slow service. Does NOT keep us informed on the status of our vehicle. They receive my insurance check and put your vehicle on the back burner. Why care about your car when they received their money already? Eric C below is correct. Incompetent and some nasty, lazy, don’t care about customer service people who work here. No sense of urgency at ALL!

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Walmart Iowa Car DVD & Video Reviews

Bran Jaw: I needed the small triangular window in the back replaced after my car got broken into. Roland was so helpful, easy to communicate with and was even able to get the part used to keep the cost low. His prices were so much better than what I found elsewhere. I definitely recommend him!

Andrew Thompson: Walmart gave me a phone quote to install a new windshield in my car inclusive of parts and labor and a fix time of approximately 2 hours. After showing up, the estimate jumped $65.00 and the wait time to 5 hours–not honest folks. I left and took my car to Glass Master. You can my review of their great work here on yelp.

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