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Reviews of Walmart Illinois Transmission, Brake & Steering Fluids

Bon White: I found the mechanics at Walmart really helpful and they did a great job on my car! Great location, easy to find, and good, knowledgeable mechanics.

Dick Johnson: Remember to read the sign hanging from the arrow towards the back of the first floor to STOP and wait for the attendant, if you expect to go upstairs. Spaces are tight for non-expert parking downstairs. But nice location and decent price.

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Walmart IL Diagnostic Tools Reviews

Phil Roosevelt: My bike gear has arising some defect so I come to this special motor cycle repairing center. They suggest changing my necessary parts of the bikes and I did it. It was about six months ago but realize happy that my car don’t create such problem again. Trustworthy service is fully reliable.

Robert Wellington: STAY AWAY!!! A big fat “0”! Very dishonest!!! Pay a little more and go to a place that cares!!! Your bike “WILL” sit out side for a loooooooooong while before it gets worked on! Unless you have money to burn, STAY AWAY!!! I know others who have had bad experiences here as well! Check it out by going on BARF(Bay Area Riders Forum).

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Nancy Connor: My husband’s bike got stock in the middle of the night and on a Friday night! He was riding the bike from San Jose to San Francisco on a raining day. Even so I advice him not to ride it in the rain he got stock on the road. I went on Craigslist and find out about Walmart. I immediately called him for his assistant. Even so it was Friday night and it was cold out side Nicholas agree to help us and went on his cool truck to save my husband. The total cost was only $45 and we tip him $20 for his help on Fri night. Nicholas is a nice guy and I will recommend him to all bike lovers.

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