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Sam White: I cannot say enough positive things about the customer service at Walmart. If you ever have the misfortune of being in a automobile accident. Then you understand exactly what I am saying especially when it is not your fault ….. After I met and spoke to Mr. Jones my mind was at ease. If you need someone to have your automobile worked on? Please contact Mr. Jones at Walmart . The experience was very professional and would send my daughter to Walmart. They treat you like family. My job is not that far from the body shop. So Ever had Dick, an employee there drop me off and pick me up when the job was completed. Victor dropping and picking me up is really thinking outside the box…… If you have had a bad experience in the past. Please give Walmart a try.

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Dick Smith: They were a life saver. Some douchebag decided to break the rear window of the car in a Saturday night in downtown. But this place has excellent, quick service and they open on Sunday! It was very prompt took about two hours. Thanks guys.

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Samuel Atkinson: I was visiting from out of town and my car was broken in to and my purse was stolen. I was panicked because this happened Saturday night and was so afraid that no one would be open Sunday to have it fixed. And they were open on Sunday! They also didn’t overcharge me to have it fixed either. It was $250 out the door. They cleaned every last piece of glass out of my car as well. They made it look like as if nothing happened. Awesome Job guys! I am very appreciated of not only of the professional work they did but also how friendly the staff was! Thank you for easing my stress during this whole situation. You guys are awesome!

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