Walmart Flat tire repair (tubeless) reviews


Walmart Flat tire repair (tubeless) cost reviews

Jerome Horn: Best auto service shop in town! Been living in the bay for 9 years now and we won’t go anywhere else. These guys are quick too. That’s nice not to have to get out of the car especially if I am in between business meetings or needing to send emails out.

Roger Carter: I called these guy’s & they were the “BOMB”! I drive an older model 540i BMW. My car looked like it needed to be traded for a Honda, until Taz got to it. Currently it looks like a brandnew car. My paint is shiny, interior actually clean and smells great!!

Wheels are chrome, huh, I thought they had been switched. These guy’s showed up at my job and got work! Taz rocks baby!! Their pricing is what I would pay if I had to go get done!! REASONABLE!! Good jod fellas!

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Walmart Flat tire repair (tubeless) hours reviews

Sydney Booth: The owners, Hedy and Farzin, are true perfectionists. They truly practice “measure twice, cut once”. They’re extremely forthcoming with all cost considerations and are willing to provide various alternatives at different price points. There weren’t any surprises, and my project came in on budget. I give Audio Symphony my highest recommendation.

Betty Shields: Thank you so much to Jim and his team!

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Walmart Flat tire repair (tubeless) local reviews

Matthew Hampton: Excellent service, excellent price, and excellent job! I’ve been looking for a place to fix my G37, and I am so happy that I brought it here. Jonathan is a sincere man who will help you get the best deal in town. Mike is also a very friendly guy to work with.

Susan Spencer: They are definitely worth more attention!

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