Walmart Engine air filter installation reviews


Walmart Engine air filter installation hours reviews

Margaret Shaw: Needed a rear bumper replacement from being rear ended. Received an estimate and commissioned the work to be done. Brought the car in on Monday at 1 pm. Car was finished the next day at 6 pm.Car was also washed. Final cost did not differ from the initial estimate. As follows from this, it’s the ONLY place to go if you need any body work on your car.

Helen Hunter: That’s a superior alternative to dealer service for the slightly older Volvo, and for all I know for newer ones as well.

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Walmart Engine air filter installation hours of operation reviews

Colin Wheeler: I’m not the best at taking in the car for regular maintenance, so when I do take it in, it’s not uncommon to find a number of items that need to be addressed. But they take the time to ensure I understand each issue – what it is, what it costs to fix, whether it needs to be addressed then, and the ecconomic / safety / mechanical risks if put off until later.

Leslie Booth: Had a great experience at the shop! Did everything I asked for and let me know about upcoming repairs that might need to be done down the road! Would definitely recommend to others.

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Walmart Engine air filter installation operating hours reviews

Donald Lawrence: Walmart came highly recommended by a coworker, and I have been really happy with all of their help. I am a new driver and car owner, and they’re always happy to explain everything that they recommend for my car.

It’s also clear they’re not trying to take advantage of my inexperience, because all of the work they’ve done and recommendations they’ve made have been met with approval from my dad and disbelief at their very fair prices from my brother.

Dick Morton: I’m super happy to have found somewhere I can really trust!

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