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Walmart District of Columbia Tires Reviews

Sandra Brighton: Phil was our mechanic for years while we lived in town. And i’ve never had “a mechanic” before as it always used to be that I’d take our cars to whichever shop had the best coupons so calling him my mechanic is a compliment. We had both a Prius (it was Berkeley afterall) and a Hyundai. I came to trust and appreciate his work and the way Nate runs his business. I echo all the other 5-star comments posted thus far. This is a family owned small business that is ethical and does quality work. You should definitely take your car here

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Walmart District of Columbia Antifreeze & Coolants Reviews

David Horton: Oscar is the man! He helped our Ford Escape Hybrid pass the CA smog inspection by finding out what was the problem with our evap system causing a check engine light to turn on. It wasn’t easy (took three visits!) but eventually he found it and fixed it! Oscar was always nice, patient, explaining all the options, and fairly priced. He also did work on our brakes and shocks. I’ll come back here as long as I stay In Berkeley!

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Reviews of Walmart DC Automotive Tools & Equipment

Chris Hunter: Was referred to Mick by John, who was in the middle of something else. Mick was in Oakland when I called, and showed up just a bit earlier than he said it’d take to get back to SF. Hooked up the scooter with no fuss and away we went. He’s kind of a coot, we talked about a bunch of random community design stuff and how Schools are like Water. (Just ask) Got to where we were going (SF Scooter Centre) and he unhooked everything. Wrote him the check for 45 and that was that.

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