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Reviews of Walmart CT Motor Oil

James Sims: Before going to this horrible dealership I checked the reviews on it first and I still decided to look at a car. However, I looked at a 98 Ford Mustang GT Convertible that was priced at $4,746. The driver’s door doesn’t open from the outside. There was a hole in the top of the car which caused the seats and the floor to be soaked and made it hard to test drive comfortably. Every time I turned a corner or made a stiff stop you could actually hear water swishing around in the car. It was like sitting next to the ocean. The car smelled of mold and you could see the mold on the seat belts, the console, the doors, and the dashboard(it was horrible). I went there with $2,500 willing to buy a car and be financed but after experiencing that nightmare I became afraid. I was never so happy to leave a car dealership before in my car-purchasing days. After pointing out the many defects, the car salesman and the owner actually became angry. The owner began to yell at the car salesman as if he was a piece of shit. By the way, the car salesman acts like a dope-fiend of some sort and maybe that explains why he was being mishandled by the owner. Please don’t waste your time, money or dignity on such trashy place and disrespectful people. I still can’t get this nightmare out of my head.

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Walmart Connecticut Transmission, Brake & Steering Fluids Reviews

Andrew Sharp: Walmart has been in business over 25 years, family owned and operated. We do everything when it comes to repairing your vehicle from imports, to donestics.

Everett Casey: I recommend them to anybody.

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Walmart Connecticut In – Dash Stereos Reviews

Simon Stone: I was recommended to Walmart by a friend. These guys are good and reliable. It’s nice to have an honest tow company like Walmart in the city!

Alban Hopkins: They’re pure cheaters.

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