Walmart Battery terminal end replacement reviews


Cost reviews of Walmart Battery terminal end replacement

David Berry: Eric was my technician and he was very polite, courteous, and funny! He arrived at 10:15 and the appointment was at scheduled to be between 10-11 AM. He did call to let me know his ETA. The finished product was amazing. I really didn’t think anything could of saved the headlights, but boy was I wrong. They looked like glass, He didn’t let me touch them since the clear coat was still curing, but this review is written two days later. I’m able to touch them and the coating is amazingly clear still. He recommended that I wait 48 hours to do any washing because some soaps can interfere with the curing.

Clifford Leonard: fI’m certainly glad I found this service! I tried to use an off the shelf product a couple years ago and it made little difference on my 2002 Sonata. They turned back hazy very quick. Now they look and throw out light like new.

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Pricing reviews of Walmart Battery terminal end replacement

Douglas Malone: Arnold was great! He had a technician in training in tow with him so it took a bit longer to complete the job. But no problem! With Arnold explaining things this company is going to have another good technician. Customer service and courtesy was top notch as well. I’ll gladly recommend this service to friends.

Peter Montgomery: Went to Karry’s today for the first time, for burnt out headlight. Recommended needed part and fixed within minutes! Simon was so nice and helpful, I will definitely return. Highly Recommend!

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Walmart Battery terminal end replacement coupon reviews

Austen Stone: I’d like to recommend this great service to my friends and anybody else.

Hugh Lindsey: They pleasantly surprised me. I’d like to keep using this service further.

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