Total Nordic Oil Company

Total Nordic motor oils

Total Nordic is a commercial division of the Total Marketing and Services Company and Total Group. Nowadays it is the fourth largest oil company in the world. The main office is located in Copenhagen, total Company has its departments in most Nordic countries including Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland.

The best way to realize the size of the company is to examine the statistics: just imagine that every day 3 million customers come to Total for exceptional service in more than 150 countries in 15,000 service stations. All the products are for reasonable prices, find out at Walmart tire and lube express web-page.

The company is a significant player in the oil market for 30 years. It gives more than top quality products but provides with a full range of service. Thanks to the smart location and the improved logistics facilities the Total can provide the offering delivery in the Nordics.

This company has a strong partnership all over the world, so there is no wonder that Total products are distributed far away from the Nordics. Total Group has spread already into 130 countries.

It is not only a leading gas and oil company but a world-class producer of chemicals. The industry involves 97 thousand employees that to do their best on production, marketing, refining, and trading.

Total Nordic does its exploration and production strategy in more than 40 countries, that makes real to produce 2,35 million barrels of oil produced per day. All that can be nothing if there is no trading system. Total trading deals with this function and does all trading, selling, buying and shipping all over the world with hundreds of partners and other companies.

To do all that effectively the Total Company has 9 offices worldwide and can do the activities in 120 countries, surprisingly, but there are only 500 employees managing all that activities out of the Nordic countries.

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