Snow Tires vs All Season Tires

snow tires vs all season tires

Do I need winter tires?

There is no short answer to this question. To know for sure whether you need this or that type you need to make a kind of short analysis of your driving habits. You have to take in consideration your location, road condition, and weather in winter or summer.

Terrain with ice and snow or mud requires an effective solution. If you drive under such condition, only new studded tires can provide with necessary safety. For some occasions, it may be even better to use chains.

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Are all season tires so good for snow?

All season type provides with the best performance drivers from moderate climate zones. Using such type of vehicles which face snow, ice and cold may lead to a road accident or you can just stuck somewhere for hours. If you have some hesitation, you can protect yourself with a combination of the front or back snow tires (depends on the wheel drive).

Snow type vs all season type: what is the difference?

Generally, winter type has more sipes and micro pump holes that help to cut into snow in order to provide better acceleration and to cut down the stopping distance. The last one is the major difference between winter and all season types, as a rule, a car with winter tires stops 66% faster than a car with all season ones. So, choose wisely.

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