Sears Oil Change Prices

What Are Sears Oil Change Prices

Any kind of vehicle requires an oil change as a crucial part of its system maintenance. The question that bothers any person with a car is what are the oil change prices on the market.

Sears is one of the major auto centers specializing in oil change services to different types of vehicles. Apparently, that’s the reason why the market was so surprised to find out that Sears closed more than 770 of its representatives located on the territory of the United States.

Fortunately, this hasn’t influenced the increase in the prices rate. Basically, the prices depend on one of three types of oil used by Sears, from cheap to more expensive). Also, don’t forget that prices will most likely vary from state to state, but the difference won’t be that big to worry about.

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More About Sears Oil Change

1) Valvoline Premium Conventional Motor Oil

This is one of the basic types of motor oil available at the lowest prices. This type of oil works perfectly to extend the engine’s life, reduce the engine wear, and prevent the engine sludge.

2) MaxLife Synthetic Blend Motor Oil

This is the medium type of motor oil that allows not only keep the consumption of oil in your engine under control, but also prevent the possible loss of oil in your vehicle.

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3) SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil

This Sears premium type of motor oil is a great option for a personal vehicle. In addition to serving all of the functions of the lower types of oil, Synthetic motor oil also can protect your vehicle from high and low temperatures in the engine, as well as maintain an overall engine performance on the highest level.  It might be the most expensive option for your personal vehicles, but these prices are worth it if you wish to stay with your car for a long time.

By each Sears oil change procedure, Sears’ technicians are there for you to complete the following tasks:

  • Lubrication of the chassis if needed
  • Reduce the level of power steering and windshield washer fluids
  • Inflate tires to recommended PSI
  • Conduct multi-point inspection of brakes, brake fluid, brake fluid level, air filters, wiper blades, tires, auto belts, and struts.

If you are considering the option to get a Sears oil change service, we recommend you to call your local Sears Auto Center and make an appointment in advance.

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