Reviews of Wiper Blades Walmart


Reviews on windshield wiper blades Walmart

Matthew Hamada: Our experience with this Service Center is always great. Anthony Gungab really delivers good customer service. He keeps you informed on issues with your car. He makes sure all your questions are answered and even throws in free wipers when he saw ours need replacing and we were just asking how much it costs!  

Richard Lipson: I have never thought that it would be so easy to buy wiper blades, just went shopping for food with my wife and here they were for a reasonable price.

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Wiper blades at Walmart reviews

Gale Rutter: I am really thankful for the help provided there. I was looking for a wipers and a shop-assistant was kind to help me find the right kit.

Nina Loss: I just moved to Oakland and my car was vandalized. New in town, I had to find a shop without any local knowledge of options, and a little shaken up. The service was quick and professional. In fact, a guy who was shopping there too, helped me change my wiper blades. These little things are priceless when a woman is in a new city alone.

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Rain X and Bosch wiper blades Walmart reviews

Amanda Kalil: Customer service was excellent. Plenty of information given. I highly recommend this store to friends and relatives. I am happy to have a shop for my car with people that I can trust.

John Digart: I was really skeptical about going to the store and purchasing car parts. I got the set and I managed to saved some money too.

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