Reviews of Budge Car Covers

budge car cover reviews

Budge car cover reviews

Budge lite car cover size 3 reviews

Norman Doray: We were out of country for a few weeks, we went on a trip by car. So in the store I saw budge, and decided to try. Definitely useful thing, at least no one was looking into my car on the streets.

Carl Pin: I have BMW 530 white, size 3 fits perfectly, I chose lite color first, looked good. For winter I decided to buy dark color, so it would be easier to find it in the snow.

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Budge car cover size 3 reviews

Alex Brown: Far and away one of the better shop experiences I have had. I went in due to a failing emergency break on my jeep. The team fixed the hand break and then contacted me regarding a leak in my front shocks. And because it was shop’s anniversary I got a cover as a gift. Since then I am a fan of this thing.

Calvin Tavilla: I was going out of country for 3 month. I left my jeep at the parking lot, and I covered it with budge cover (it was my friends suggestion). And you know, he was absolutely right about that. The car look like I just left it there yesterday. Thanks to customer’s reviews.

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